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        放大字體  縮小字體 發布日期:2021-08-24  瀏覽次數:415
        核心提示:關于2021中國國際復合材料工業技術展覽會(CCE2021)延期至12月份舉辦的通知尊敬的參展商、觀眾及各界同仁:  2021年8月3日,
        Noticeof CCE2021’s Postponement to December 2021
        Multiple positive COVID-19 cases were reported in Shanghai after a preliminary warning was urgently sent on August 3rd to all the exhibitors against possible postponement of CCE2021. Over these days thereafter, we constantly requested instructions from Shanghai local authority, and consulted with Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC) in an in-depth manner, thus decide with serious consideration of opinions from all sides that:
        In view of current situation of the prevention and control of COVID-19 virus in Shanghai, along with the strict approval process for big public events therein, CCE2021, due to be held from Sep.13-15, 2021 at SWEECC, will be postponed, for the health, safety and most extensive benefits of every attendee, to December, 2021. Specified dates will be affirmed afterwards. Please keep tracking our website, Wechat platform and other official channels for updates.
        We feel deeply sorry for the inconvenience arising out of the change of dates. What remains unchanged is our priority for the health and safety of all the exhibitors, visitors, partners and every other attendee. We believe the new dates will guarantee a safer environment and better experience for reunion and business discussion, by refueling enthusiasm from both exhibitors and visitors. A maximized participation rate will be fully guaranteed in that case. As the organizer, we will exert our efforts to optimizeour follow-up work and provide more premium service to all the exhibitors andvisitors. A detailed subsequent schedule will be in place very soon to ensure all the activities can be continued in a smooth manner.
        Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the understanding and support from all the attendees. Looking forward to seeing you all in December at this grand annual composite event!
        CCE2021 Organizing Committee

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